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History of the Supper Club

What Makes a Restaurant a Supper Club?   Supper clubs have a rich history in the upper Midwest, with many of them still in business after many decades. Loyal customers, a welcoming social atmosphere, full menus featuring traditional American-style fare, and a relaxing ambience are all hallmarks of supper clubs. But how are they different […]
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Running a Restaurant: It’s More than Just Cooking

I have heard many people say to me, “I have always loved to cook and  I would love to have my own restaurant.” What does it take to run a restaurant? I have been at Gil’s for a long time – 31 years. I have been cooking since I was 11 years old, have been […]
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Gil’s Supper Club on Running a Family Business

Gil’s Supper Club knows a little something about what it takes for a family business to survive and thrive. Gil’s has been in the Smith family’s hands since 1986. The Smith family has some advice and a few tips for those interested in starting a family business of their own. Gil’s Supper Club founder, Gil […]
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Taking the New Year to Look Back on the Old Days

Out with the old and in with the new. Another year in the books and 2017 looks bright. I know a lot of people make resolutions for the new year. I never do, but I still always feel so refreshed when we make it through the holidays and the daylight starts to stick around a […]
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Gil’s Supper Club

Sometimes when you work hard and keep at it, your dreams can come true. Back in 1986 my husband Mike was 30 and I was 26 years old, pregnant with my third child. Gil’s was on the market at the time so with my Dad’s encouragement,  off we went, with very little money and a […]
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